International Coastal Cleanup Day Jamaica

International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day takes place on the third Saturday in September every year, and is the largest one-day volunteer event in the world. For over three decades, the Ocean Conservancy in Texas has been coordinating volunteers across the globe to collect millions of pounds of trash in over 100 countries.

When Jamaica first joined the ICC movement in the mid-1990s, cleanups were generally small, and took place in only a few locations across the island. In 2008, the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) became national coordinators of ICC activities in Jamaica, and gained the support of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) as the project’s primary donor. That year, with TEF’s support and JET’s outreach, 27 groups coordinated 1,800 volunteers to clean up 34 beaches across the island. Since 2008, the event has grown by leaps and bounds, attracting over 9,000 volunteers annually to cleanup over 140 beaches islandwide.

ICC is not only an exercise in building environmental awareness; data is also gathered by volunteers on the types and quantities of waste collected from our beaches. The data, which is collected from site coordinators and tabulated by JET, is sent to the Ocean Conservancy in the USA, which then creates an annual marine debris report. This report is used by the Ocean Conservancy in international lobbying efforts aimed at improving waste management practices globally, thereby reducing the impacts of marine debris on coastal ecosystems.

JET also produces a national summary report which is circulated to various ICC stakeholders, including government ministers and agencies, manufacturers and distributors of plastic products, and is also used in our environmental education programmes. Click on the following link to view the most recent National Summary report for ICC activities in Jamaica: International Coastal Cleanup Day Jamaica 2017 National Report


International Coastal Cleanup Day 2018 is September 15



International Coastal Cleanup Day Jamaica 2018 Site List

The list of locations where cleanups are scheduled to take place on International Coastal Cleanup Day Jamaica in 2018 can be found here. Please contact site coordinators directly to find out (1) whether they can accommodate you at their site, and (2) what you need to bring along with you to the cleanup. This list will be reviewed several times leading up to ICC Day, so please keep checking for updates.


Information for JET Beach Cleanup Team Leaders

Registration is now closed for the JET Beach Cleanup on International Coastal Cleanup Day 2018. All team packages must be collected by 4:30pm on Tuesday, September 11. Team Leaders must be present with their team on the day of the event. Please note, ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST BRING A REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE along with them to the JET cleanup. Only volunteers with arm bands will be admitted to the JET site and provided with equipment to carry out the cleanup. More details on what to expect at beach cleanup can be found at the following links:

JET Beach Cleanup 2018 Training Presentation

Directions to the JET cleanup site

Beach Cleanup Dos and Don’ts


Information for 2018 ICC Jamaica Site Coordinators

Registration is now closed for International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day Jamaica 2018 Site Coordinators. If you have registered to be an ICC site coordinator in 2018, please remember to read our guide to planning your ICC event ASAP! For general information on International Coastal Cleanup Day Jamaica 2018, check out our media and promotion guide here. Other information for site coordinators can be found below:

Important ICC Jamaica Contacts

Legal Dumpsites in Jamaica

Reduce Waste on ICC Day

2018 ICC Stipend Expenditure Report Form

Recycling Companies in Jamaica (updated June 2018)

Sample Registration Sheet



Sargassum Removal Information

How to get your ICC data to JET

A complete list of 2018 ICC sites will be posted towards the end of August. 


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