The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) seeks to protect natural resources by strengthening the capacity of communities to protect their own rights using the law and the media to advocate for good environmental management. We use public participation processes to review Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), attend public meetings and review national policies. We also conduct campaigns to protect places, ecosystems and biological diversity.

Better Beaches for Jamaicans (BBFJ)

Jamaica has 87 public bathing beaches which are designated for the use and enjoyment of the Jamaican people by the Government of Jamaica. Public bathing beaches not only provide opportunities for recreation and the enjoyment of nature, but they are also  important...

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Jamaicans for Clean Air and Water (JCAW)

Many Jamaican communities are affected by poor air and water quality from a variety of sources including mining, quarrying, other industrial activities and discharges, and open burning. Currently, air and water quality data is not proactively disclosed to the public...

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Development Alert!

The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET), the World Resources Institute (WRI) and The Access Initiative (TAI) created Development Alert!, an interactive website that provides easy-to-understand information about proposed developments in...

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